By Echioda Oche Joseph

Guest Writer Session with Echioda Oche Joseph

Issue #25

In this work, the guest poet interrogates the validity of Europeanism, and advocates the return of Africans to mother nature.

Tales beneath the moonlight
An antique phrase
For the African moonlight hangs buried by skyscrapers
To these younglings it is these tales by fluorescent
Hand-woven mats replaced by porcelain.
Modern boxes lay around ding-donging.

Dancing around fire barefoot
One with the earth with our jiggling flesh.
Now sitting on plushy chairs
Feets adorned with foreign wears
Towering inches above mother Earth

Offsprings uprooted from traditional roots
Plucked out by claws of civilisation
Sacred rituals considered obsolete
Once beleaguered crimson shrines lay forgotten.
The tattered clothes adorn the glorious edifice.

Identities lost in the Euro-African merger
African veins pumping with black blood,
Racing through veins on dirt roads.
The rippling savage dancing to the drums
The roads now tainted by gooey bitumen
Blood drifting on cemented paths of unknown tranquility.
The literate trapping to the drums

But as long mother root calls
Our hearts churn and yearn
Her comforting arms the final Rehoboth
From mother we came
From mother we return.


Echioda Oche Joseph was born on March 9 in Abuja. He is the first of three children, and he hails from Benue state. His strong spiritual background tends to play a part in his writing. He is a whitelion with fire on his paw to make a mark.

He can be reached on Instagram: whitelion_god and on Twitter: @Echiodaoche

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